Keeper Extreme Series KX9500E 12V 100FT Winch

Keeper Extreme Series KX9500E 12V 100FT


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  • 100 ’ x 21/64” Galvanized wire rope
  • All-Weather finish clevis hook with latch
  • All-Weather textured roller fairlead and housing
  • Three-stage planetary gear train
  • Lift and turn free-spool clutch

Ideal for all mid to full size vehicle applications, the Keeper KX9500E Extreme Series 12V 100' Galvanized Wire Rope Winch will handle everything you throw at it. The All-Weather finish will provide years of great looks to match your high-end applications. Industry leading design incorporates a front facing LED work light with cover when you need 3 hands but only have 2. All electrical components are safely housed in the all metal cover and feature a 3-way switch to control your LED work light and wireless remote. This unit comes with a 12V DC electric motor that delivers 5.5 HP. The 9,500 lbs. rated line pull with the lift and turn free spool clutch and automatic full load holding brake allow to you tow confidently. This unit has a no load line speed of 23 FPM, high efficiency 3-stage planetary full metal gear train gearing and 218:1 gear ratio. Includes 100’ of 21/64” galvanized wire rope, extreme clevis hook, all-weather textured roller fairlead, wireless remote with 2 fobs and handheld remote with a top cover integrated LED work light and 15’ power lead.


Keeper KX9500E Winch
Ideal for SUVs and Trucks ✓ 
Rope Style: Galvanized wire rope 
Rope Length:100 ft.
Clutch Type: Free-spool 
Line Speed: 23ft. per minute 
Line Pull: 9,500lbs.