* Compatible with multiple providers

* Easily switch providers at power inserter

* Permanent and temporary mount options. Elevation Range: 18-65°

* Fully automatic satellite acquisition. Azimuth: 0 – 416°

* Ultra-small and compact (16" diameter x 13" height)

* Fit Type: Universal Fit

From the manufacturer

About Winegard

Winegard is a leading US designer and manufacturer of more than 1,000 different world class antenna products for the home, RVs, trucking industry, boating, and tailgating parties — including antennas for TV, direct to home satellite services, 4G LTE cellular, and Wi-Fi networks.

Portable Automatic Satellite Antenna for RVs Carryout G3 from Winegard Offering an improved design and increased signal strength, the Carryout G3 portable satellite TV antenna from Winegard is a great choice for RVers who want to keep up with their favorite TV shows on the road.

Sleek, compact, lightweight, and requiring minimal space, the Carryout G3 satellite system automatically finds satellite programming with no antenna pointing — providing automatic setup for connecting to DIRECTV, DISH, and Bell TV satellites in only a few minutes.

* Supports up to two receivers for viewing on two TVs

* Improved design houses a larger reflector for increased signal strength

* Powered over coax through included power inserter

* Compatible with multiple providers; easily switch providers at power inserter

* Easy-grip handle included for effortless carrying

* Measures 16 inches in diameter and 13 inches tall; weighs 7 pounds

* Includes Carryout G3 RV satellite antenna; power inserter; 25-foot antenna coax cable; 3-foot receiver coax cable; printed documentation

The next generation in the high-performance Carryout family

Easy to Set Up: Simply connect the included coax cable between the Carryout G3 coax connector on the rear and power inserter, then the coax cable between the the power inserter and your receiver (sold separately).

Connect the receiver to the TV, power up, and start the antenna search sequence.

Switch Between Satellite Providers: The Carryout G3 is compatible with DIRECTV and DISH along with Bell TV (Canada). It automatically locks into the provider's satellites for a reliable signal, so you can watch TV anytime, anywhere.

Preset for DIRECTV programming, you can easily switch to DISH and Bell TV programming via switch settings located on the power inserter.

Optional Mounts: The Carryout G3 is compatible with the TR-1518 Tripod Mount and the RK-4000 Roof Mount Kit (sold separately).

The Roof Mount Kit allows you to mount the Carryout G3 to the vehicle roof making it easy to store and always ready to use. Its shorter height gives the RV owner more clearance when around low-hanging objects such as tree branches.