Kaba 1031-26D-41 Cylindrical Pushbutton Knob C/Pass Us26D, Satin Brass

Kaba Simplex 1031 Series Keyless Pushbutton Lock with Passage Feature

Cylindrical Lock with Knob, Combination Entry Only, No Key Override

Passage: Allows access without using the lock entry code Feature activated from the inside with a thumbturn or key


Features Include:

Heavy-duty cylindrical lock housing with cast front housing; unified trim plate; cast knobs

Vandal resistant, solid metal pushbuttons

Factory-handed for left hand doors; easily field reversible

Standard Finishes: Satin Chrome 26D (626), Antique Brass 05 (609)

Optional Finishes: Bright Brass 03 (605), Bright Chrome 026 (625)

Backset: 2 3⁄4"(70 mm), 2 3⁄8"(60 mm)

Latch: 1⁄2"(13 mm) throw latch; 3⁄4"(19 mm) throw latch (optional)

Strike: Standard strike plate; ASA strike plate

Fire Rating: 3-hour UL/ULC fire rating forAlabeled doors

Operation Modes:

Combination Entry Only (model 1011)

Combination Entry and Passage (model 1031)

Combination Entry and Key Override (model 1021)

Combination Entry, Key Override and Passage (model 1041)

Lockout option: (optional) Disables the lock from the inside so that the entry codes can not be used to gain access. Access is permitted using the key override

Model: Kaba, Kaba Ilco, Kaba Access, Simplex, 1031, 103126D, 1031US26D, 1031-26D, 1031-26D, 1031-US26D, 1031 26D, 1031 26D, 1031 US26D, 1031-26D-41, 626, Satin Chrome