Goodyear Custom Fit Cargo Mat Liner For Chevy Traverse 2018-2023


Spark Lines GY004502 Features:Why Choose the Goodyear Cargo Mat Liner for Trunk? We have crafted these heavy duty cargo mats because we know the importance of keeping your trunk and your valuables clean and protected. Our company wants to help you live a convenient and happy life! Crafted with Care These trunk liners are responsibly made with the utmost care from the highest quality and safest materials in the industry. They are tested or inspected as many as 20 times throughout the manufacturing process to maintain optimal quality and performance. That's why you can order from us with confidence. Easy to Clean For a simple and quick clean, take the liner out of your vehicle, shake it out with a few quick strokes on the back. For a more thorough clean, feel free to use a hose, then let it dry! Goodyear cargo liners are developed to fit the exact trunk layout of your vehicle to provide full surface coverage and maximum protection. They are also 2 times lighter than other cargo mats for easy access. * Innovative Diamond shape cells to trap dirt, mud, and liquids effectively

* -40 degrees F to 122 degreess F temperature resistance for all-climate performance

* Traps dirt and liquid in between the top and the bottom, giving ultimate protection to luggage, pets and other valuables

* Anti-slip mesh backing that avoids bunching-up from heavy objects

* Convenient lift handle for access to spare tire area and removal for cleaning