For Toyota Sienna - Monroe 72365 OESpectrum Sensa-Trac Front Strut Assembly

  • Monroe 72365 OESpectrum Sensa-Trac Front Strut Assembly

    Buyer's Guide : MONROE 72365 Shock / Strut

    • REDUCED NOISE, VIBRATION AND HARSHNESS -- Twin Technology Active Control System delivers exceptional control under most driving conditions while isolating impact-related noise, vibration and harshness
    • EXCEPTIONAL HANDLING -- Rod displaced valving, tuned specifically to each vehicle, adjusts to road extremes to provide consistency and a smooth ride (on most applications)
    • CONSISTENT RIDE -- OE all-weather fluid contains special additives to assist with extreme temperatures and help reduce oil breakdown
    • CONTROL AND DURABILITY -- Fluon-banded piston provides consistent sealing between piston and pressure tube for better control and increased durability
    • IMPROVES PERFORMANCE -- Nitrogen gas charge maintains tire-to-road contact for improved ride and handling by reducing aeration (on most applications)

    Restore your vehicle back to exceptional handling performance and drivability with OESpectrum struts. Struts perform two main jobs: perform a damping function like shock absorbers and provide structural support for the vehicle suspension, support the spring, and hold the tire in an aligned position. As a result, struts affect ride comfort and handling as well as vehicle control, braking, steering, wheel alignment and wear on other suspension components.

    Installing shocks and struts with the wrong tools can result in unseen damage, several respected tool manufacturers offer installation kits for the job. These kits include specially engineered sockets – called pass-through sockets – that allow technicians to install new shock absorbers and struts without spinning the piston rod or gripping it in a way that causes damage. Most Monroe shock absorbers and struts are designed to allow for removal and installation using such tools.

    Like many parts on your vehicle, struts are subject to wear. Causes include damaged bushings, exposure to the elements, loss of oil lubricating properties? viscosity and deteriorated components. Driving with worn struts can result in problems ranging from reduced braking efficiency, tire wear, loss of stability and damage to other suspension parts.

    Always perform an alignment anytime replacement shocks, struts or other ride control parts are installed. Camber, toe and caster settings can all be affected by installing new struts. Failure to make sure the vehicle’s alignment is within factory specifications can lead to problems like premature tire wear.

    When replacing a strut, it is important to replace the mount and coil spring at the same time. To simplify the repair, install a strut assembly. A strut assembly includes the strut mount and coil spring – everything you need for a strut replacement in a single, fully assembled unit. A key advantage of a strut assembly is that it eliminates the use of a spring compressor.