For Honda Pilot - Dorman Power Window Regulator And Motor Assembly 748-512

Dorman Power Window Regulator And Motor Assembly 748-512


Honda Pilot 2003 -2008, Rear Left

Material Plastic

Brand Dorman

Colour Ready To Paint If Needed

Product Dimensions72.9L x 6.9W Centimetres

Number of pieces1

Exterior finish Ready To Paint If Needed

Handle type Knob

Special feature Easy to Install

Included components Power Window Regulator And Motor Assembly

Item weight3.95 Pounds

About this item * Engineered improvements enhance performance

* Quality tested to ensure trouble free installation, performance, and durability

* Plug and Play - no wire splicing necessary

* OE: 72750S9VA01

Why Do Original Window Regulators Fail? Power window regulators can fail for a number of reasons, including excessive wear of mechanical pieces, rust and corrosion.

In some models, poor-quality plastic parts become brittle and break, and poorly designed components bend and twist over time.

Why Are Dorman Window Regulators Better? Dorman was one of the first companies to provide window regulators to the automotive aftermarket more than 15 years ago, and we've since become experts at making these replacement parts effective and reliable.

Our engineers examine why window regulators from the original manufacturers fail, and then find solutions for those failure-prone designs. When you see one of our parts with an OE FIX label, that means we found a common problem with an original equipment maker's design, and implemented a creative solution to make the part more reliable or easier to install.

We also have advanced technological capabilities that allow us to integrate increasingly complex technologies into our motors, including printed circuit integration and embedded software engineering

Product Specifications

Attachment Type: Bolt

Gear Material :Plastic

Installation Instructions Included: No

Micro-controlled (Embedded Logic):No

Mounting Hardware Included: No

Package Contents:1 Regulator and Motor Assembly

Package Quantity:1

Packaging Type: Box