EBC Brakes RK7573 - RK Series Plain And Vented 1-Piece Rear Premium OE Rotors

Set of EBC Brakes RK7573 - RK Series Plain And Vented 1-Piece Rear Premium OE Rotors (2)

Product InfoMake way for the replacement rotors that are like OE in dimensions but exceeds the factory specifications when it comes to thermal build-up, brake noise, vibration standards and over-all wear with its high-quality gray iron! The EBC RK Series Premium OEM Brake Rotors are all these and more! These rotors apply innovative engineering concepts to create an iron compound that is far more superior to the majority of original material blends. The graphite content that forms during the curing process which is the result of the high percentage of carbon and silicone in the blend is the secret behind the rotors quality. It makes the rotor softer and denser at the same time. The evenly distributed heat minimizes warping and cracks and eliminates that annoying brake squeal caused by vibrations.

Specs: * Position: Rear

* Rotor Construction: Vented 1-Piece

* Rotor Style: Plain

* Rotor Diameter: 13.8"

* Quantity: Sold as a set

Vehicle Fitment

Year Make Model Submodel Engine Size


Features: * Designed as OEM replacement

* Reduces heat buildup, brake noise, vibration, rotor wear

* Comes with Black Geomet and Nitrotherm anti-corrosive finish

* High carbon makeup to avoid squealing and heat cracking

EBC Brakes is a privately owned company that was founded in the United Kingdom. It is a world leader in the manufacture of brake components. EBC commenced developing the world's first aftermarket range of products in the early 80's. After a successful launch in Europe, EBC began its expansion into the USA market in the mid-1980s.

It began expanding rapidly in the automotive industry, and now EBC Brakes has become a world leader in sports, high-performance, and race brake pads and rotors with a huge range of products. In recent times, a new ground-breaking material was launched by EBC. The eco-friendly Ultimax 2 brake friction material that completely eliminates all sulfides and heavy metals from rotors. This is an enviro-friendly material that will once again prove that EBC cares not just for the auto enthusiasts who it had been serving but for the environment as well.