Schneider Electric Pushbutton Padlock Attachment / Lockout - 9001k7


Schneider Harmony® 9001K / SK / KX Series - Metal Push Buttons | 30 mm Metal Pushbuttons, Selector Switches and Pilot Lights:

Schneider Electric's Harmony™ 9001 30 mm push buttons, pilot lights, selector switches and mushroom head operators provide robust and reliable solutions for a wide range of heavy industry applications. Automatic self-grounding operators require no additional wiring The Schneider Electric 30mm push button offer is now ABS Certified.

This range includes:
- Pushbuttons
- Emergency Stop mushroom head pushbuttons
- Selector switches and key operated switches
- Pilot lights (LED, incandescent, neon)
- Joystick controllers, wobble stick operators
- Operators with multiple functions
- Complete products or sub-assebmlies for user assebmly
9001K operators are rugged and include chrome-plated bezels

9001SK operators include black plastic bezels for corrosion-resistant applications

9001KX operators include chrome-plated square bezels and provide multi-function operation

Heavy duty, oil-tight, dust-tight, and water-tight without boots. Most units are IP66 rated and are UL types 4, 4X and 13.

FINGERSAFE™ contact blocks and light modules for improved safety

Interchangeable light modules, contact blocks, color caps, pilot light lenses and mushroom heads reduce inventory

Integrated earth ground connection (no ground wires required)

Easy installation with octagonal ring nut

Metal or plastic legend plates

Clear window for status of contact operation and troubleshooting

Colored contact blocks provide easy function identification

Terminal screws shipped backed out simplifying installation

Common accessories

Single screw mounting for quick installation

Side-by-side and/or stacked mounting to minimize enclosure space requirements

Low-cost incandescent lamps or energy-efficient, long-life LED lamps

Wide range of voltages from 24V to 600V

IP66, NEMA 4 rated (Heavy duty, oil tight, water proof and dust tight without requiring boots)

UL listed and CSA certified

CE declaration of conformity

RoHS compliant


Wastewater treatment



Machine Tool

Crane and Hoist

Food and beverage

Industrial applications

Material handling