PetSafe Extreme Weather Two Piece Modular Cat & Dog Patio Door Insert, Large

This pet door can fit into any aluminum sliding glass door between 76 inches and 80 11/16 inches and that is at least 1.21 inches deep

* Energy-efficient, sliding glass pet door has dual-paned glass—along with weather stripping to keep the elements out—and your heat or air conditioning in.

* Easy to install into your sliding glass door track with an adjustable height to ensure a proper fit.

* Includes 3 flexible, insulating flaps with a magnetic seal to help insulate your home.

* Use the security bar to keep your home secure without removing the pet door.

* Paw-fect for doggos and cats.

Give your fur-iend the freedom to come and go as she pleases with a PetSafe Extreme Weather Sliding Glass Cat & Dog Door. An energy-efficient option for sliding glass doors, this pet door features dual-paned glass and weather stripping. Three flexible flaps with a magnetic seal help keep hot or cold weather out and your air conditioning or heat in. It’s great if you live in a rental home because it can be installed without drilling into your sliding door frame. Simply attach the panels together and insert the pet door into your sliding glass door track. Secure the pet door using removeable adhesive strips or screws. To lock your door, place the security bar between your door frame and the interior sliding portion of your glass door. When your pet isn’t using her door, simply slide the closing panel over the opening and lock it in place for added security.


Item Number1000053965

Weight12.99 kilograms

Dimensions 34.29 x 1.91 x 205.23 centimeters

Flap Dimensions 9 x 18 inches