LUK DMF100 Dual Mass Flywheel, SILVER For Nissan Cube, Sentra, Versa 2007 -2014

LUK DMF100 Dual Mass Flywheel, SILVER

LuK: Don’t gamble – stay with the original LuK DMF! The LuK DMF prevents damages solid flywheels may cause. The LUK Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF) is individually fine-tuned for every type of car. The risks of using solid flywheels are numerous – from increased wear of engine mounts through gearbox failure to damaged crankshafts.




Flywheel Diameter 9.055
Number of Teeth 136
Flywheel Cup Depth/Step Height 0.256
Flywheel Inner Diameter





Nissan:Cube,Sentra,Versa 07-14