Flywheel by LUK - DMF067 - For Infiniti G35, Nissan 350Z

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LUK DMF067 Flywheel

New and Unused in Open Box

Luk invented the clutch flywheel and made it production-ready in 1985 to combat low engine-speed rattling and droning which are common symptoms of vibrations in a vehicle. Luk clutch flywheels eliminate drivetrain vibrations and ensure smooth operations. A traditional flywheel is made up of a single solid component while a clutch flywheel is made up of two masses that are positioned in such a way that they revolve against one another. A spring and damper mechanism built into the clutch flywheel entirely absorbs the engine's torsional vibration. As a result, the clutch flywheel satisfies the growing demand for driving comfort among car owners.

Features & Benefits

  • Luk clutch flywheels are suitable for low-revs and pleasant driving
  • Original equipment requirements were maintained during production
  • Noises and vibrations from the drivetrain are minimised
  • Reduces the burden on the crankshaft and gearbox, that also improves driving pleasure
  • Enables low-speed driving, lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
Year Make Model Engine
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 INFINITI G35 V6-3498 3.5L DOHC
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 NISSAN DATSUN 350Z V6-3498 3.5L DOHC