Blue Ox BX7420 - Avail Class IV Tow Bar

Blue Ox BX7420 - Avail Class IV Tow Bar, New and Unused in Open Box.

Wrapping around tight corners and bends can prove to be a challenge when you don't have the right tow bars equipped. Avoid this scenario entirely by going with the Blue Ox Avail Tow Bars!

These rugged tow bars are made in the USA and crafted from durable, corrosion-resistant steel to ensure longevity and reliability no matter the situation. It has long arms to improve the turning range and eliminate contact between the towed vehicle and RV when doing so.

The nonbinding latches are equipped with a low-profile handle for easy unhooking at any angle. The Blue Ox Avail Tow Bars have a self-aligning mechanism where you only need to hook them up to the base plates and drive forward as the arms engage to a tow-ready position automatically.

Added durability comes with the triple-lug connection that can easily attach and detach thanks to 2 easy access pins. Rubber boots also protect the telescoping arms from grease and dirt to retain performance and integrity.

Improve the movement range of your trailer rig with the superior Blue Ox Avail Tow Bars.


  • Tow Bar
  • Series: Avail
  • Rating10000 lb.
  • Class IV
  • Steel Construction
  • w/2 in. Shank


  • Made With High-Quality Steel for Durability
  • Guaranteed Blue Ox Craftsmanship
  • Improved Turning Radius, Better Cornering
  • Fits Wide or Narrow Towed Vehicles
  • Smoother Towing Over Rough Roads
  • With 10,000 Lbs. Rating
  • With a Revolutionary Latch Design
  • Patented Non-Binding Latches Release Easily Under Any Conditions
  • No Interference Low Profile Handle Design
  • Premium Metallic Paint
  • Longer Legs
  • Includes Safety Cables
  • Designed to Meet or Exceed Factory Standards

Blue Ox was acquired by Automatic Equipment in 1991 to augment its growing line of recreational and commercial towing solutions. The company is known as a major player in the agricultural field for over 90 years now, being the first in line to mass-produce reliable cattle oilers in 1925. Now, the brand offers specialty product lines for livestock feeding, tractor accessories, and trailer towing equipment, benefitting both private and commercial applications to great effect.

One of the best examples of this is the Automatic Roller Mill that improves feed quality and increases yield while saving resources at the same time. Apart from that, Blue Ox has also gained the trust of commercial consumers with its heavy-duty industrial tow bars providing the maximum ruggedness and strength needed for frequent and unforgiving use. And this makes them optimal for fleets, utility services, construction applications, and any other field that needs unparalleled durability.

The brand even offers defense-grade tow bars that help with life preservation and protection without throwing price to performance out the window. For trucking applications that range from personal uses to commercial and industrial needs, Blue Ox has the parts and accessories to maximize reliability and performance no matter the situation.